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HVAC age help    

Upkeep and professional servicing of your air conditioner, furnace, or water heater is an important part of routine home maintenance.  The Building Intelligence Center recommends annual inspections and service be performed by a qualified inspector or service technician/contractor.  The age of your furnace, air conditioner, water heater, or boiler can play an important part of this maintenance, and assist homeowners with decisions to repair or replace with more efficient equipment.  Mechanical appliance age can also affect certain insurance provisions. 

The Building Intelligence Center assists home owners, home inspectors, commercial building inspectors, contractors, service technicians, and insurance providers in decoding the age of these mechanical appliances by providing a resource library of industry brands and sample serial numbers where the date of manufacture is often coded.

Choose one of the "Quick Click" button links above to be taken to the appropriate Furnace/Boiler/Air Conditioner (aka HVAC) or Water Heater research page to Determine the Date of Manufacture or age of your HVAC or Water Heating appliance.  You will be presented a list of brands and manufacturers in alphabetical order.  Select the appropriate brand from the list to browse the various, extensive, and brand specific serial number examples we have encountered.  Some brands of furnaces and air conditioners utilized various styles or changed their styles of serial numbers throughout the years.  Scroll through the numerous serial number examples we have provided on each brand page to find the style that most closely matches your furnace, air conditioner, or water heater serial number.  In our extensive example slides, we show you where the year of manufacture for specific brands are typically located within the serial number.   

Should you have difficulty in locating the serial number or data plate on your appliance, we recommend contacting a local and reputable inspector, service contractor, or the manufacturer themselves to provide professional assistance.


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